vtk CAD graphic

class postprocess.xcVtk.CAD_model.vtk_CAD_graphic.DisplaySettingsBlockTopo

Bases: postprocess.xcVtk.vtk_graphic_base.DisplaySettings

Define graphic output.


Define mesh scene on ouput display.

displayBlocks(setToDisplay, caption='', fileName=None)

Display geometric entities (points, lines, surfaces and volumes)

  • setToDisplay – set to be represented
  • caption – text to display in the graphic.
  • fileName – name of the graphic file to create (if None then -> screen window).
grafico_cad(setToDisplay, caption='')

Establish the set of entities to be displayed and add a caption

  • setToDisplay – set to be represented
  • caption – text to display in the graphic.

vtk CAD mesh

postprocess.xcVtk.CAD_model.cad_mesh.VtkCargaIdsCells(uGrid, setToDraw, entTypeName)
postprocess.xcVtk.CAD_model.cad_mesh.VtkCargaIdsKPts(uGrid, setToDraw)
postprocess.xcVtk.CAD_model.cad_mesh.VtkDefineActorCells(recordGrid, renderer, tipoRepr)

Actor for the surfaces.

postprocess.xcVtk.CAD_model.cad_mesh.VtkDefineActorKPoint(recordGrid, renderer, radius)

Returns a vtkActor to represent key-points in a rendering scene. It defines the scale, orientation, rendering properties, textures, …

  • recordGrid – unstructured grid (generic data set) to which incorporate the actor KPoint
  • renderer – name of the renderer (lights, views, …) to be used in the display
  • radius – radius of the spheres to be employed in the KPoints representation
postprocess.xcVtk.CAD_model.cad_mesh.VtkDibujaIdsCells(uGrid, setToDraw, entTypeName, renderer)
postprocess.xcVtk.CAD_model.cad_mesh.VtkDibujaIdsKPts(uGrid, setToDraw, renderer)

Draw the point labels.

vtk array data

postprocess.xcVtk.CAD_model.create_array_set_data.VtkCreaStrArraySetData(setToDraw, entTypeName, attr)

Creates an array of strings with information associated to the points and cells. Parameters:

setToDraw: set of entities to be displayed entTypeName: type of entities to be displayed

(“pnts”, “lines”, “nodes”, “elementos”)

attr: attribute to be stored in the array