VTK utils


vtk_utils.display_vtk.plotToFile(fName, renWin, renderer, width, height, fileFormat)

Utils VTK

vtk_utils.utils_vtk.addSymb(symbSource, renderer, RGBcolor, vPosVx, vDir, scale)

function called by drawVtkSymb that puts the symbol in the renderer

vtk_utils.utils_vtk.drawVtkSymb(symbType, renderer, RGBcolor, vPos, vDir, scale)

Adds to the renderer a symbol of type ‘arrow’, ‘doubleArrow’, ‘cone’, ‘doubleCone’, ‘sphere’, ‘doubleSphere’,’cube’ , ‘doubleCube’, ‘cylinder’, ‘doubleCylinder’

  • symbType – type of symbol (available types: ‘arrow’, ‘doubleArrow’, ‘cone’, ‘doubleCone’, ‘sphere’, ‘doubleSphere’,’cube’ , ‘doubleCube’, ‘cylinder’, ‘doubleCylinder’)
  • renderer – vtk renderer
  • RGBcolor – list [R,G,B] with the 3 components of color
  • vPos – list [x,y,z] with the 3 coordinates of the point where to place the symbol.
  • vDir – director vector to orient the symbol
  • scale – scale to be applied to the symbol representation
vtk_utils.utils_vtk.parallelTo(actor, vDir)

function called by drawVtkSymb to orient the symbol parallel to the director vector

Show window

vtk_utils.vtk_show_window.VtkMuestraVentana(renderer, nmbWindow, szx, szy)