Model inquiry

model.model_inquiry.distance_2points(preprocessor, tagPt1, tagPt2)

return the distance between two 3D points

  • preprocessor – preprocessor
  • tagPt1 – tag that identifies the first point
  • tagPt2 – tag that identifies the second point
model.model_inquiry.getIdsLineasSet(preprocessor, setName)
model.model_inquiry.getNodesInCoordinateRegion(xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, zmin, zmax, xcSet)

return a list with the the nodes in a cubic region defined by 2 points with coordinates (xmin,ymin,zmin) and (xmax,ymax,zmax)

  • xmin,ymin,zmin,xmax,ymax,zmax – coordinates delimiting the region
  • xcSet – xc set of nodes to which restrict the search
model.model_inquiry.getTagsElementosSet(preprocessor, setName)
model.model_inquiry.getTagsNodesFromSet(preprocessor, setName)

Return the tags of the nodes from a set.

model.model_inquiry.get_attached_PhModElems(elemTag, setElPhMod)

This function returns an ordered (by number of section) list with the elements of the phantom model (or a set of its elements) that are associated with the element of the actual model whose tag is passed as a parameter

  • elemTag – tag of the element for which the function returns the Phantom Model elements associated
  • selElPhMod – set of elements of the phantom model to which limit the search