Geometric section

class xc.EntGeomSection

Bases: xc_base.NamedEntity

class xc.Spot

Bases: xc.EntGeomSection

class xc.Segment

Bases: xc.Axis

getLength((Segment)arg1) → float :
C++ signature :
double getLength(XC::Segment {lvalue})
class xc.GeomSection

Bases: xc.SectionMassProperties

distSpots((GeomSection)arg1, (int)arg2, (int)arg3) → float :
C++ signature :
double distSpots(XC::GeomSection {lvalue},unsigned long,unsigned long)
getCompressedZoneContour((GeomSection)arg1, (HalfPlane2d)arg2) → Polygon2d :
C++ signature :
Polygon2d getCompressedZoneContour(XC::GeomSection {lvalue},HalfPlane2d)
getCover((GeomSection)arg1, (Pos2d)arg2) → float :

return the concrete cover of the reinforcement.

C++ signature :
double getCover(XC::GeomSection {lvalue},Pos2d)
getRegionsContour((GeomSection)arg1) → Polygon2d :
C++ signature :
Polygon2d getRegionsContour(XC::GeomSection {lvalue})
newSegment((GeomSection)arg1, (int)arg2, (int)arg3) → Segment :
C++ signature :
XC::Segment* newSegment(XC::GeomSection {lvalue},unsigned long,unsigned long)
newSpot((GeomSection)arg1, (Pos2d)arg2) → Spot :
C++ signature :
XC::Spot* newSpot(XC::GeomSection {lvalue},Pos2d)