class xc.Domain

Bases: xc.ObjWithRecorders

calculateNodalReactions((Domain)arg1, (bool)arg2, (float)arg3) → int :

triggers nodal reaction calculation.

C++ signature :
int calculateNodalReactions(XC::Domain {lvalue},bool,double)
checkNodalReactions((Domain)arg1, (float)arg2) → bool :

checkNodalReactions(tolerance): check that reactions at nodes correspond to constrained degrees of freedom.

C++ signature :
bool checkNodalReactions(XC::Domain {lvalue},double)
commit((Domain)arg1) → int :
C++ signature :
int commit(XC::Domain {lvalue})

returns current combination/load case name.

getAngularFrequencies((Domain)arg1) → Vector :

getAngularFrequencies(): return the computed natural frequencies.

C++ signature :
XC::Vector getAngularFrequencies(XC::Domain {lvalue})
getAngularFrequency((Domain)arg1, (int)arg2) → float :

getAngularFrequency(mode): return the natural frequency corresponding to the mode.

C++ signature :
double getAngularFrequency(XC::Domain {lvalue},int)

returns mesh constraints.

getEffectiveModalMass((Domain)arg1, (int)arg2) → float :

getEffectiveModalMass(mode): return the effective modal mass corresponding to the mode.

C++ signature :
double getEffectiveModalMass(XC::Domain {lvalue},int)
getEffectiveModalMasses((Domain)arg1) → Vector :

getEffectiveModalMasses(): return the computed effective modal masses.

C++ signature :
XC::Vector getEffectiveModalMasses(XC::Domain {lvalue})
getEigenvalue((Domain)arg1, (int)arg2) → float :

getEigenvalue(i): return the i-th eigenvalue.

C++ signature :
double getEigenvalue(XC::Domain {lvalue},int)
getEigenvalues((Domain)arg1) → Vector :

getEigenvalues(): return the computed eigenvalues.

C++ signature :
XC::Vector getEigenvalues(XC::Domain {lvalue})
getFrequencies((Domain)arg1) → Vector :

getFrequencies(): return the computed frequencies.

C++ signature :
XC::Vector getFrequencies(XC::Domain {lvalue})
getFrequency((Domain)arg1, (int)arg2) → float :

getFrequency(mode): return the frequency f corresponding to the mode.

C++ signature :
double getFrequency(XC::Domain {lvalue},int)

returns finite element mesh.

getModalParticipationFactor((Domain)arg1, (int)arg2) → float :

getModalParticipationFactor(mode): get the modal participation factor corresponding to the mode.

C++ signature :
double getModalParticipationFactor(XC::Domain {lvalue},int)
getModalParticipationFactors((Domain)arg1) → Vector :

getModalParticipationFactors(): return the computed modal participation factors.

C++ signature :
XC::Vector getModalParticipationFactors(XC::Domain {lvalue})
getPeriod((Domain)arg1, (int)arg2) → float :

getPeriod(mode): return the period T corresponding to the mode.

C++ signature :
double getPeriod(XC::Domain {lvalue},int)
getPeriods((Domain)arg1) → Vector :

getPeriods(): return the computed periods.

C++ signature :
XC::Vector getPeriods(XC::Domain {lvalue})

returns preprocessor.


returns the pseudo-time tracker of the domain.

getTotalMass((Domain)arg1) → float :

getTotalMass(): return the total mass.

C++ signature :
double getTotalMass(XC::Domain {lvalue})

numModes: return the number of computed eigenmodes.

removeAllLoadPatterns((Domain)arg1) → bool :

removeAllLoadPatterns(): remove all load patterns from domain.

C++ signature :
bool removeAllLoadPatterns(XC::Domain {lvalue})
revertToLastCommit((Domain)arg1) → int :
C++ signature :
int revertToLastCommit(XC::Domain {lvalue})
revertToStart((Domain)arg1) → int :
C++ signature :
int revertToStart(XC::Domain {lvalue})
setDeadSRF((float)arg1) → None :

Assigns Stress Reduction Factor for element deactivation.

C++ signature :
void setDeadSRF(double)
setEigenvalues((Domain)arg1, (Vector)arg2) → int :

setEigenvalues(xcVector): set the eigenvalues.

C++ signature :
int setEigenvalues(XC::Domain {lvalue},XC::Vector)
setLoadConstant((Domain)arg1) → None :

sets currents load patterns as constant in time.

C++ signature :
void setLoadConstant(XC::Domain {lvalue})
setModalParticipationFactors((Domain)arg1, (Vector)arg2) → int :

setModalParticipationFactors(): set the modal participation factors.

C++ signature :
int setModalParticipationFactors(XC::Domain {lvalue},XC::Vector)
setRayleighDampingFactors((Domain)arg1, (RayleighDampingFactors)arg2) → int :

sets the Rayleigh damping factors.

C++ signature :
int setRayleighDampingFactors(XC::Domain {lvalue},XC::RayleighDampingFactors)
setTime((Domain)arg1, (float)arg2) → None :

sets the time on the time tracker.

C++ signature :
void setTime(XC::Domain {lvalue},double)