Import export loads

Element load container

Element load properties

Load case container

Load case properties

Load combination container

Load combination properties

Load component base

Load container extract loads from XC load patterns and put the in neutral data structure.

class import_export.sciaXML.scia_loads.load_container.FreeLoadContainer

Bases: import_export.sciaXML.scia_loads.load_container.LoadContainerBase

Container for free loads over mesh points and surfaces (used for export a block model (kPoints, lines and surfaces) into XML SCIA) .

dumpPointLoads(lp, destLoadCase)

Dump loads over nodes as free punctual loads.

dumpSurfaceLoads(lp, destLoadCase)

Dump loads over surfaces as free surface loads.

class import_export.sciaXML.scia_loads.load_container.LoadContainer

Bases: import_export.sciaXML.scia_loads.load_container.LoadContainerBase

Container for loads over mesh nodes and elements.

dumpPointLoads(lp, destLoadCase)

Dump loads over nodes.

dumpSurfaceLoads(lp, destLoadCase)

Dump loads over elements.

class import_export.sciaXML.scia_loads.load_container.LoadContainerBase

Bases: object

Base for XML SCIA load containers.

dumpLoadPattern(counter, lpName, loadPatterns, permanentLoadCaseNames)
loads2Neutral(preprocessor, permanentLoadCaseNames)
readFromXC(preprocessor, permanentLoadCaseNames, combContainer)
readLoadsFromXC(preprocessor, permanentLoadCaseNames)

Load group container

Load group properties

Node load container

Node load properties

Point force free container

Point force free properties

Surface pressure free container

Surface pressure free properties